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To print this form, you may select the text (beginning at Pet Information Sheet and continuing to the end of the last line). Once text is selected, go to File (top left of your browser screen) and select print. When the print box is open, click the option that says Print Selection. From my computer and using Microsoft's Internet Explorer, this prints as a two-page form. One form will need to be filled out for each pet that will be under the care of a Coddled Critters In Home Pet Service Provider.

Coddled Critters In Home Pet Services
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KeyedPet Program

Sometimes your work or busy schedule does not allow you a lot of notice, or perhaps you are too busy and simply overlook making a pet sitting reservation. For added convenience many clients who travel frequently choose to leave their keys in our care. Keys are safely stored in a locked box when not in use. Keys are labeled with a code known only to us; never with your name or address. Keeping keys on file with us allows for convenience and ease when repeat clients book in-home services.

Other benefits of the KeyedPet Program include:
* reduced extra fees for same day service requests
* no need to pay $10 drop-off or pick-up charges
* less advance notice needed to schedule services

I request enrollment in the KeyedPet Program by my signature below. As a participant, I agree to provide Coddled Critters with two (2*) keys to my home; one which will be retained by my assigned pet sitter and the other to be securely maintained in the company’s office. I understand that Coddled Critters, its employees and independent contractors will take all precautions to safeguard and protect the identity of my house keys.

As a KeyedPet participant, I agree to hold Coddled Critters harmless for any loss, damage or injury of any kind to pet or property during periods that I am not under written or oral contract for pet sitting services. I understand that this agreement may be terminated by either party with 48 hours advance notification.

Client Printed Name................................................................Signature/ Date

Client Printed Name ................................................................Signature/ Date

* Retention of a second key in the company’s headquarters will ensure continued care for your pets by an authorized company representative in the event that your regularly assigned pet sitter is unable to perform duties because of illness, injury, personal emergency or scheduled vacation.