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NOTE: Pet Massage is not a treatment to be used in place of Veterinarian care, it is used to enhance Veterinarian Care. Your pet prefers being touched by you, and learning basic pet massage techniques can be an enjoyable activity you can share with your pet.

Is pet massage different from petting? Yes. Massage extends many benefits beyond those of simple petting. Massage is the manipulation of of muscles and skin to promote increased circulation to all the organs and tissues in your dog's body. In massage we use many different hand positions and strokes along the muscle and joint structure of the pet, and utilize controlled pressure.

Why should my pet get a massage? There are a number of possitive effects a massage can give to your pet, and to you. We believe pet massage provides many benefits for your petg's overall physical and emotional wellness. It is a great way to show your pet that you care, and massage can be a very calming and relaxing time for both of you.

What types of pets should get a massage? All kinds of pets, every pet in fact. Professional MLB players get sport massage, and so do race horses. Why not our other pet athletes? Massage can be great for older pets since it enhances blood circulation and tones muscles. Babies are good candidates, too. They will learn to accept human touch on various parts of their body, and learn to remain calm. Massage can help pets with recuperation from injury or surgery by enhancing blood and lymph circulation and possibly shortening the recuperation time. Massage is also for our normal, healthy (or couch potato) pets. Pets with emotional issues might find massaging effective in finding their inner tranquility.

How do we know if our pet likes to be massaged? Pets who enjoy massage might lean onto your hands, close their eyes, burrow into your hands and arms, some even start to doze off. Every pet has her favorite spot to be massaged. After a while, they may start to come to you and push their favorite body parts to be massaged against you and demand that you massage them!

Are there any side-effects of the massage? Unlike medicine, there are no side-effects of massage, except the fact that your pet may learn to like it too much and demand that you massage her more often. We use a very gentle method of massage, and we do not apply excessive pressure or force to the animal's body. We are extra careful with some pets including pregnant pets, pets with recent bone fractures, and pets with cancer but we will make sure of your pet's health condition during the initial phone or e-mail consultation. If you have any questions or concerns regarding massage and your pet's health, we urge you to contact your veterinarian beforehand.

How long does it take for a massage session? The length of the massage session depends on the individual animal. Since our program is customized according to your pet's health and condition, it's difficult to generalize. It takes some pets longer to get accustomed to the touch of massage. The first session with a shy or reluctant pet may take as little as 30 minutes, and some sessions may take up to an hour. It's very hard to generalize.

Will you teach me how to massage my pet so I can preform massages in-between visits/ or so I won't need your services? Absolutely! We can discuss this more during your pet's initial session. It is best for you to massage your own pet and have that special time together. We are happy to continue our services for those who do not have the time/ability/inclination to massage their own pets.
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