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*Is your dog getting fidgety?
*Feeling guilty your dog hasn't been getting out enough?
*Wish you could take your dog to the park more often?
*Tired of driving home on your lunch break to check on
your lonely puppy (or kitten)?
*Does your dog need a relief visit while you are working?

If you have been unable to spend quality time with your dog
for any reason, don't worry;
Coddled Critters is here to help!

Dog Exercise Walk or Visit or Command Training Visit:

*Minimum of 30min, up to an hour, spent strictly on exercise and/or commands. An exercise visit can include exercise walking and/or time spent in your yard running around and playing with humans OR big dogs per your requests. Reasons to choose an excercise visit include a need to work off pent up energy, prescribed weight loss and exercise by your vet, you just want your dog to have a good long walk. At your request, we will also spend time working on specific commands such as Sit, Down, Come, Stay. Visits will be a minumum of 45min, typically an hour.

Please note that for a dogs safety, we will not walk them longer than 15min when the temp is over 90F. On those days they may get 2 15-min walks with cool-down time in between. Exercise Walking means just brisk walking, no time to stop and smell the roses - kinda like people power walking.

*elimination clean up and disposal
*reports of any unusual stools
*love and attention and treats
*fresh food and water at your request
*mid-day meds administered, if needed

Rates start at $25 per visit for 1 dog
* add $10 for each additional dog

* Discount for regular 5-day a week service

Please Note: Dogs who are unruly and/or do not walk well on a leash will incur additional charges, and will probably get shorter walks until they are better able to tolerate and even enjoy going for walks. Additional charges not to exceed $10 per animal per visit. Dogs that incur additional charges, will be worked with during walks until they are walking well and no longer incurring such charges. All this can be discussed further during your initial consultation.

Also Note: If you require us to drive your dog away from your property in our cars for these visits, there will be an additional charge to cover additional gas and drive time. Minimum charges add $5 for the 1st dog and $2 for each additional. You are liable if damage to the car occurs.

Pet Mid-Day Visits include:
*about half hour visit - 15-20min walk

*fresh food and water
*playing, petting and coddling
*take dog out in yard or for short leisurely
walk (about 15-20 minutes ) to potty
*elimination clean up and disposal
*reports of any unusual stools
*scoop litter box or put fresh paper in bird cage
*mid-day meds administered, if needed

Rates start at $20 per visit for up to 2 dogs -
* add $5 for each additional dog
* for longer visits add $5 per additional 15 minutes
* large canine playdate companions can sometimes be provided on request for no additional charge (these visits often run longer - until they wear themselves out)

Please note that for a dogs safety, we will not walk them longer than 15min when the temp is over 90F.

Doggie Play Care $40 for 3+ hours
Have us take your dog for a special play time at a local dog park. There they can run, play ball, swim, socialize and generally enjoy the outdoors. Dogs must enjoy the company of other dogs and riding in the car for this service. In addition dogs must know how to come when called. If needed, a bath will be given upon leaving the park. A second dog may be added for an additional $10 and a third dog may be added for an additional $5.

* Alternately, you may chose to request a play date with one or more of our well socialized and energetic dogs, in the safety of your own home and yard, or ours.
* Discount for regularly scheduled services paid monthly if you schedule these services once or more per week (minimum 4x per month)

4x per month $125 per month



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