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NOTE: Pet Massage is not a treatment to be used in place of Veterinarian care, it is used to enhance Veterinarian Care. Your pet prefers being touched by you, and learning basic pet massage techniques can be an enjoyable activity you can share with your pet.

Do you have a scaredy cat (or dog)?
An animal with health problems?
Do you feel as if you've tried everything -
but nothing seems to be working?
Perhaps Pet Massage is your answer.

Dogs, cats, horses, birds, turtles, hedgehogs, rabbits — the list is too long to include all the animals who have benefited from Pet Massage. A bonus of pet massage is it can actually reduce stress in your pet, which helps decrease behavior problems. Pets feel stress, they feel the pangs of old age and they can hurt. Massage helps. Pet massage is great for any age dog or cat, from infancy to geriatrics. Studies have shown that massaging puppies on a regular basis actually increases the IQ in most dogs. They seem to have better focus, problem solving skill, and fewer behavior problems. Benefits of Massage include but are not limited to:
      • increases circulation
      • releases tension
      • relaxes muscles
      • increases range of motion
      • stimulates both mentally and physically
      • provides a form of exercise
      • reduces swelling
      • reduces pain from hip displaysia, arthritis, as well as other joint problems
What to Expect at the Initial Visit:
  • you will be asked to have your pet walk several yards in each direction in order to observe your its's posture and movement.
  • your pet's attitude, past health history, and eating/activity levels will be discussed with you
  • your pet receives a 20-30 minute "first" massage.

Pet Massage $35/half-hour or $55/hour.
Discounts available with regularly scheduled sessions

Pet Massage FAQ

Note: Pet massage should be used as a powerful complimentary tool for behavioral purposes and overall well being only. Like other techniques, some conditions may exist in your pet where you should not use massage. Please consult your veterinarian before practicing canine massage to ensure that your dog has no physical problems which might be aggravated by such activity. Arthritis, fractures, cancer and certain skin conditions are examples of situations when massage may not be an appropriate modality.

Aroma Therapy

Essential oils are aromatic liquid substances extracted from specific species of trees, roots, leaves, fruits, grasses and flowers. The healing properties of the essential oils, have long been known since ancient times. Essential oils are absorbed through the skin and leave no toxins. The essential oils have a proven history of healing and treating many ailments. Anxiety, insomnia, depression, indigestion, and dandruff, just to name a few. They can also help keep ticks, fleas and other parasites, off your pet for less than the commercial chemical counterparts.

Pet Aroma Therapy prices will vary depending on availability and current market value of oils and blends used. Minimum price $15 additional.

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