Waste Clean-Up


*Love your dog --but can't let your kids play in the backyard or have friends over for a cook out because of the "land mines" all over your backyard?
*Adore the cat but get ill when you have to clean the litterbox?
*Too busy to keep up with your small pets cage and then dread going near it because of the smell and the guilt?
*Need someone to care for the FFA goat while you send the kids to grandma's?

Honestly, it's a dirty job -- YOU don't want to do it -
so you might as well pay us to get the job done.

Waste Clean-Up and Disposal: Fees for the first visit will vary based on individual factors like number and types of pets, last time clean-up and disposal was preformed by you or anyone else. If you have 3 big dogs and have never cleaned your backyard, it is going to cost more than if you just decided you liked the idea of someone else taking over cleaning your litterbox or small pets cage so you don't have to anymore. After the first visit, you can choose the monthly plan that best suits your needs:

            • $50 per month for weekly clean-up visits
            • $85 per month for clean-up visits every 3-4 days

Note: More than 2 dogs/cats/cages/litterboxes and/or more than 1 pen/stall will incur additional charges.


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