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Initial Consultations are FREE with service booking.
Additional consultations and/or those not resulting in services being booked will be billed $20.

Pet Sitting Rates. Base rates are generally the same for all species including but not limited to: Dogs, Cats, Guinea Pigs, Hedgehogs, Other Small Mammals, Tortoises, Turtles, Snakes, Gekkos, Other Reptiles, Fish - Tanks & Ponds, Horses, Pigs, Goats and Alpacas. Each visit will last a minimum of 20 minutes but an average of 30 minutes and usually lasts longer, covers up to 2 Larger (30+ pounds) or 3 Smaller Pets and include all services listed below. Please note, long and/or exercise walks are not included in base rates but may be added for additional fees.

Base Rates Are Calculated Based on Mileage & Drive Time
Mileage is calculated from the intersection of Bissonnet & Cook
Base Rates Are as Follows

Zone 1 = 0-3.9 miles, < 10min drive = $18
Zone 2 = 4-10 miles, 11-20 min drive = $21
Zone 3 = 10.1-12.99 miles, 21-29 min drive= $25

Zone 4 = over 13 miles, over 30min drive = $30+ $0.50 per mile over 15
will not do petsit visits more than 40min away - ask about overnights!

For Information on OVERNIGHT Visits click here

Base Rates for petsitting include feeding and watering, taken outside to potty and/or replace potty pads (dogs) or clean litterbox (cats), cage paper cleaning (birds) lots of love and attention and treats. We will also bring in the mail, packages and papers. We will even set out and bring in trash and recycle cans. Please look at our Services page. Other services are available at additional costs.

Additional Pets:

Horses: contact for additional animal rates
Barn yard Type animals:
$5 each additional per visit
$5 each additional dog per visit
Cats/Ferrets/Rabbits: $3 each additional cat/ferret/rabbit per visit
Birds: SMALL $2 each additional bird per visit, MEDIUM $3 each, LARGE $5 each additional bird per visit
Exotics: $2 each additional exotic (exotics include reptiles, rodents, and other small caged pets) per cage/pen per visit
Fish Tanks/Ponds: $1 and up depending on the amount of work involved

Note if you have a very large number of pets contact me for special rates.

Additional Services and Charges:

Extra Time: $5 per extra 15min scheduled; This INCLUDES time spent waiting to get into gates to which we have not been provided a code or remote.
Pet Taxi to groomer or vet within 10-mile radius $25; $15 per hour spent waiting
Pet Supply Restock cost + $10
Cage Change/Fish Bowl Cleaning $10 and up, depending on size
Litterbox Change $5 and up, depends on type of box and what is involved
Sick Animal Charge $10+ Will be determined after initial meeting
Watering lawns and gardens: starts at $10; varies by size, add $0.25 per potted plant after 5
Returned Checks: $25 + bank fees (Wells Fargo charges me $15; so that is $40 total)
Errands: $25 per hour
Waiting for service persons $15 per hour (based on 1 hour increments)
Veterinary Emergency: $15 per hour (YOU pay Vet fees) (based on ½ hour increments)

Home Check (no pets or feed outdoor cat only)charged as a visit. May include plant care - lots of plants/ gardens may incur extra
Babysitting Watching Your Pet while you are Home (i.e. during an Open House or Wedding Reception) or while you go out (movies, social functions, etc) $25 for the 1st hour (zone 1)/ $15 each additional hour
. (Zone 2 is $27 for the 1st hour, Zone 3 is $30, Zone 4 is $35)
Excessive Clean-up: will be billed at a minimum rate of $5 per each 15min of clean-up time required (Baths will be mandatory and min $20 per bath per pet charged if they get poop covered/gross). Please note that if you do not have a doggy door and choose to have less than 3 visits in a 24 hour period, there will be a per accident clean up charge.
Ride To Airport (for the travelling humans): $40 to Hobby; $50 to Intercontinental
This includes drop-off at the door and assistance getting luggage out of the car. For an additional $10 + parking fees, we will park and carry your luggage in.
Ride To Airport (to drop off or pick up new or travelling pets): $50 to Hobby; $60 to Intercontinental. If pick-up or delivery is outside of our normal service area, additional mileage fees will be incurred. Add $15 per additional medium or large sized crate as I will need to have an additional person to help move them. Additional fees may also be incurred if drop-off or pick-up is delayed and time consuming at the airport.

Personal Assistant: we can help with home offices, filing, organization, clerical duties, make phone calls, wait for service men, drop-off/pick-up drycleaning, mail, watch your human babies in a pinch - just tell us what you need! $25hr

Medical Care:
Pilling: $2 per dose; waived if the pet takes it easily
Shots: $5 each
Fluids/Sub-Q: $10 per dose

Tube Feeding: starts at $20 per feeding, depends on the amount of work involved

No charge for key pick-up/return on 1st contract. Subsequent visits:

Key pick-up/return = $10 for those not on our KeyedPet Plan.
Key Copies $5/key
Lock-out service for keys on file $25

HORSES – For stables within an 8 mile radius
Muck Stall, Feed, Turn Out or Bring In: $10 a visit or
$40 for 1 visit per day 5-day week/$50 for 1 visit per day 7-day week
Bathe and Groom: $20 with your supplies/ $25 with ours
Braids: Manes $10/ Tail $5
Exercised (includes rinsed off and cooled): Ridden* or Lounged $10/visit
NOTE: NOT trainers, will not ride horses that aren’t broke (but will still lunge them)!

Last-minute notice (less than 5 days for new clients or less than 48 hours for KeyedPet clients) $10 / request


  • Some services provided must meet certain requirements. (i.e. If you don't have a litter box we won't scoop it! Nor will we feed nonexistent fish.)
  • We reserve the right to charge for specially requested services.
  • All prices are quotes; no quoted price is final until after consultation.
  • We reserve the right to add additional charges incurred after the invoice is delivered for items not covered (i.e. medication, veterinarian, food, pet store stop, excessive amount of time spent waiting at gates). These fees would be payable upon client's return.
  • Additional fees may be charged for very large or unruly animals, for traveling outside our normal area, for medicating temperamental pets, and for other requested services that are time-consuming or result in injuries.
  • Please read the Policies section for additional information.

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